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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Teacher Challenge 1

Twitter Column: #ksyb

Here's my Wordle on Great things about blogging
Wordle: 10 great things about blogging
My quick sketch of my PLN at Converge10 last year, when @catspyjamasnz gave a talk about "what my PLN means to me"(

My 10 Great things about being a blogger (and you should know about blogging)  are:

  1. Up-skill Yourself: you are always up-skilling yourself, getting better at doing this. Blogging is an ICT lesson to yourself, learning about how the apps, widgets, plugins, networks, tools, RSS, subsriptions, links, pingbacks etc work.
  2. Learn: you are becoming part of a network of familiar and new bloggers that interest you and you can learn from. You find people in similar areas as you (ESL teaching for me) through the edublogs directory or thru your network, and LEARN learn learn, get motivated and it's a great community.
  3. Follow good practice: like any community of practice, blogging can really open new directions for your own practice and skill. We learn from each other and apply it in our blogs.
  4. Extend our PLN. Through all of the networks and communications we have extended our community to a global audience and provide ourselves with such a huge range of influences.
  5. Enthusiasm & Creativity: People make visits and leave comments on your blog, your 'visit counter' increases, your feedjit tells you where people are visiting from, and all of this promotes enthusiasm and the blog takes on a new focus & direction. Posts are directed to a real audience and your whole creativity gets a boost.
  6. Web2 tools skills development: Learn new free software and tools you can use for education, develop new ways for creating an environment for learning/sharing/displaying/organising etc..
  7. Your network offerings: Use the blog posts for sharing with peers, post in twitter, if relevant to the #about and refer to older posts when needed.
  8. Lesson planning on the blog: Refer students to blog for lessons. Advertise blog in divisional LMS or in Facebook class group. Use for weekend homework, distance learning and projects.
  9. Current Themes: Keep themes current to news events or class activities. Readers can comment, create threaded discussions and reflections on reading, listening to podcast links etc..
  10. Responsibility to Readers: Once you have a following you feel responsible to to the readers to continue with the blog, keep people inspired and wanting to learn.

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  1. I love the 10 great things about being a blogger that you came up with. I am new to blogging and I'm trying not to be too worried about what it looks like. I like that you mention "up-skilling yourself". Hopefully, we will become better at blogging. Keep up the good work!