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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30 More Things about QR Codes has an interesting post on using QRcodes.
I would like to add some of my serious and not so serious ways in which QR codes could be used.

  1. dog tags- name and phone number
  2. plant identification in nurseries, more info etc
  3. supermarket products ID and info-ESL language translations/recipe ideas/green tag
  4. hospital patients arm band tags-immediate allergy/medical risk associations, more info..
  5. town maps
  6. transport stations - info for next arriving bus/train
  7. CD/DVD/covers-link to trailers on pkt/song samples
  8. Newspapers- stories, what's on. guide,Melbourne guide to bands/pubs
  9. festival info, programs, stages  QR codes can be seen on an art festival map for Canton Ohio's "First Friday". The QR code was designed by Think Roth, a multi-media marketing company from Ohio. The QR code on the festival's map takes you to a "phone friendly" map with coupons for free coffee and art discounts around town.-
  10. advertising- printed clothing, accessories,ties, hats, bags,badges,drink bottles
  11. snow-directions on posts
  12. sewing patterns,fashion & cat walk links
  13. art galleries
  14. books, edition, up to date info on stickers on books/published articles, author info
  15. airport information,signs, tickets,updates
  16. map of the world - codes on countries
  17. World heritage places-English or translations in podcasts
  18. tags on signs about forest trees - fauna & flora info/current studies
  19. historical building plaques - info to websites
  20. OH&S further facts on equipment use, emergency contacts, up to date facts/people
  21. motor car engine parts (I believe this was how it began? -initially used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing
  22. visually impaired- text to talk on phone-menus,music catalogues etc..
  23. co-ordinating jobs,events, signs
  24. roadsigns in foreign countries- multilingual info 4 tourists, incl history, current events, landmarks , road directions
  25. star constellations info (comet nights) on night walks in the outback (ie Uluru) 
  26. zoos animal behaviors, stories,updates
  27. classroom corridors - door QRcodes to class blogs
  28. homework reminders on blogs or worksheets - links to current blog posts/add comments for homework
  29. artworks- incorporated in artwork (fabrice de Nola)
  30. aboriginal art link to web page on back of canvas- history, artist, story
More on this, see QR codes in education.

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