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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Embedding Media: the Nerves of the Blog!-

 Kick Start Your Blog Challenge #6 

Here is a movie I made using imovie which I saved as a .mov file. I had an account with youtube and uploaded it there. 

 We make a lot of movies in our ESL youth class, and I think the students really enjoy this activity. It is always full of nice surprises and amazing hidden talent in the dramatic arts area!

Please comment!
Movies and photos are a few of my favourite media for embedding into my blog. Here are some tips/hints/success stories and ways I have used it.
We have been using a lot of web2 tools in the past year on our class blog ( In the second semester I started using Facebook for our class as the student challenge was getting too difficult for my students' level of English and we couldn't keep up. Our students arrive at any time of the year, and have come from third world living conditions in refugee camps or detention centres. The visual impact of our blog can be overwhelming at times, so I like to personalise it with our own familiar visuals. It gives students a desire to go there, and show it to others, become involved in the blog or group. (Our Foundation House counsellors use it to keep up with the class work & give feedback as do our Ucan2 people & volunteers.The important thing is to give ownership and community value to the blog. It is a work in progress throughout the year and I am often using it on the data projector to point out things in class, or use it as a focus for a writing, speaking, listening or reading lesson. Students can do homework on it and show family members/friends if they have computers at home. (Only a few have internet at home). All this is possible with photos of excursions & class activities- (uploaded into animoto, slideshare or something & embedded), movies with sound, talking, written discussions, comments following this, links to relevant data for research, other ESL games/quiz sites or news & views etc. It is perfect for our needs with so much variety.
I love blogging power for teaching.


  1. Jane, what a great way for your students to share and gain confidence! I just show a video last week of a science demo we did in class. I have a flip cam, but I don't get it out very often. My kids loved re-watching the demo in class, and then went home and watched in online. This is definitely something I need to do more of. Thanks for sharing how you use photos and videos in your classroom and blog.

  2. It's a pleasure Janelle, thanks for the enthusiasm.It is an exciting thing to do for all involved I think. Great doing the editing too.