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Friday, July 29, 2011

Does #RSCON sleep?

The Reform Symposium is an online global conference of educators getting together to share ideas and methods of using technology in the classroom. Or rather, in teaching & learning using the aid of technology.
From July 29 until Sunday July 3 expected to reach approx. 8,000 educators world-wide, has 12 keynotes, 75 presentations & 3 panel discussions, delivered all through Elluminate and it's all free.

RSCON3 schedule for Melbourne & EST

Look up  #RSCON3 on YouTube - lots of intros to presentations.

I loved listening to Jo Hart's training session  on her blog E-verything on (and in) Elluminate for the presenters, going over how to use the tools as a facilitator/moderator. Tools, icons, mic, app share, whiteboard etc..
for anyone going to use this platform then Jo's your expert!

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