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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ed Tech and more and more

ELTchat - winner of the TEFL site of the month award, Oct 2010

I went to my first session of eltchat yesterday. (last night at 9pm. Some said good morning, others said have a great afternoon, and 3 from east coast Australia time said goodnight).
 Half of the chat I did on my iphone tweet deck in the car. Luckily my daughter is learning to drive, so I can tweet and read the conversation, as well as have complete attention on the road. (of course).
The other half of the eltchat stream live chat I did on my laptop (back home safely), in a very nice format, sent to me by my twitter PLN. There is always lots of notice about when it is starting, although the times are not usually ours. You have to find out your timezone.
This was really good to learn in this way, as there are lots of people that we converse with about a chosen topic, sent out a week b/4 and voted on by all using twtpoll. Nice infographic, a pie graph.

There is such a lot of tech ed (link to tech4kids wiki) stuff out there it is hard to keep up. Heard that before right?
Many young people at schools are learning skype.
Here's another link to Around the World in 80 schools.
4th graders are learning commenting ettiquette. This is fantastic learning for these students, growing up with social media at their fingertips.

I feel like it was not long ago that I asked the video shop man, "What is a DVD"? And now our children are asking us what is a record. Once their was an old record stuck between some rocks in a river at Warburton, nice place for a picnic. I said, 'Ooh, look, there's an old record!" And daughter asked, 'What's a record?" Ha! Laughing. Nowadays I try to have an understanding of the codes, although around for some time now, but daughter's friends on FB always comment and laugh if I LOL! Or rofl.

Ask ourselves with new technologies, justify buying that new mac, ipad, new app, whatever..
-because you thneed it.

Just love this body laptop thneed:

Thneed which nobody, Nobody, NOBODY needs

Uh, er, that's the Body-laptop Interface. The idea is to provide the user "privacy, warmth, and concentration" when using a laptop in public spaces.
Discuss your thneeds below, thanks.

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