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Monday, March 28, 2011

free tools for teachers challenge.

The free tools for teachers 30 daily challenge is on for young and old!
Here is wallwisher, which I do love, and will use tomorrow again, because the challenge has just reminded me how much I love this tool to get the students WRITING.
Honestly, I have been so depressed about the students ability to really pick up the challenges I am constantly feeding them. They are lovely Burmese students, and they look at me sadly when I express my emotion, Do you know what makes me sad? - I said to them today? It's when no-one listens and you are on SMS and this is importaant. I say, 'do you want to learn to drive?' Yes, (interest) do you want to have a car and drive around Melbourne? I ask, Yes, then this is the number you have to ring. You have to talk to this man Bwe and HE IS DOING a course on how to get your license. AND you can speak Burmese to him! Honestly, I say, I am not your mother, I cannot spoon feed you all the time. One student says, but you are like our mother! I laugh ( I am not sad anymore), and I say you must learn to learn yourself, help yourself to learn this stuff, it's important!
So please visit our wall wisher for the day!

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