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Saturday, March 12, 2011

ToonDoo Live webinar

This week in the SerendipEd webinar sessions, Jo Hart instructed our class on the use of using Toondoo the comic strip maker. My youth class & I joined this live recorded session for the last half, logging into elluminate and using the large screen in our classroom, displaying the live computer link to the global audience on the overhead projector. We interacted by creating a text bubble, as Jo let us share the use of the 'tools to create' on her elluminate whiteboard. The students told me what to write and I typed it. You can see this toon on the webinar link above.

This is my homework, focusing on the news of the day, the dramatic pictures of Japan's worst earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

-inspired by artist Hokusai
What is a tsunami? 

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  1. Hi Jane

    Love your Toondoo. I really enjoy this tool and need to explore it some more. Did your students enjoy using it in class? Such a great way to engage them.