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Monday, June 27, 2011

making DVDs

Hi there,
This week I am making DVD's using idvd on the mac. This program is super easy once you have done it successfully. The video can have a menu format for the audience to choose which movie to watch. Just fine tuning that, because I got it wrong the first time, and the menu ended up in the middle of the movies.
The online help videos are better that the snow leopard book that cost a fortune and didn't tell me much.

There is nothing like having a friend ask you for weeks on end, 'have you made the CD's yet?' then coming around to help do it together, plodding through the frustrations.
I don't have a lot of patience when I learn something new. I do get frustrated if it doesn't work and I will be stubborn enough to make it work after hours of misery. By then it is late, but when it works, it is the most beautiful thing.

I think I would never make a good flower arranger/florist. When someone gave me flowers the other day, they looked great until I untied the string and tried to put them into a vase of water. They all fell apart and the tops fell off or broke in the middle! So when they got back into some sort of order, after my shoving them into the barrel of the vase - they were not the same.
I have a friend who is a florist, and I think she must have the patience and creative ability to let these beautiful things we stick in vases look perfect.

My excitement about making online things look beautiful is just that! - Online.

I took a close up of those flowers so that I wouldn't give away the fact that I had totally dismembered them as the beautiful arrangement they were given as.

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