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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Movie Making-uploads

This week I have been editing and publishing movies from i-movie on my mac book pro.
This is confusing as there is so much info out there and a whole lot of restrictions one comes up against in the process of getting a video to production, publishing stage ( I want to embed on my blog)
Since the latest film I made is more than 700MB I have been restricted in being able to upload to vimeo, the blog, my email, and the only other option I had was youtube.
Suggestions through the vimeo site put me on to David Glover, but I don't have iLife or quicktime pro.

The export took long and the upload to youtube is even longer. Vimeo have a limit per week, 500mg and I have already used some of this. That's because I like to use the free tools and not have to pay for anything on the web!
I read what Eugenia had to say. But that didn't help, and I should be outside riding my bike. I think I need some lessons in all of this.

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