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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Fine Focus" with Jo Hart

I really want to thank Jo for offering my students and I a little window of space in her on-going series of "Fine Focus" of which she is moderator extraordinaire. Jo's blog is at  E-VERYTHING. Jo (and Phil Hart who sometimes co-facilitates) run these webinars fortnightly, alternating with their serendipity unconference webinars, where a topic for the day is voted on.
 These fine focus webinars have a pre-determined topic but the style, format and actual content is determined by the presenter. It is interactive and often very global however the Australia Series means we can do this in class time, and not at 1am on a Sunday!
Recording here.
 So I thank Jo for giving us this opportunity to talk about ourselves, about the students' new lives in Australia and about our opportunities at TAFE to learn English and to use technologies that are very new to us.

We will be talking about the students' background and their past school experiences in the Elluminate session tomorrow. We will talk a bit about our Youth Class Blog, which has been developing for 18 months. Every semester the youth class students change classes, some remained in the youth class and others arrive. Some of us are not so young in the youth class! However we are young at heart and inspired to create, use technology for language learning and work hard to reach our goals. That keeps us young!

Lan's Interview in the ESL CLassroom. from jane curry on Vimeo.
Pau (from Burma) interviews Lan who is from Vietnam. She talks about her experiences of when she went to school in her country. Now Lan is learning English at TAFE in Australia.

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