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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Get side tracked? Not on the youth class blog!

New Quizzes on the youth class blog.

This weekend I have been getting Youth Class Blog a little further on it's way to reaching it's purpose of using technology, and web2 tools (is that the terminology?) to teach my students. I have used the edubloggers' recommendation to use the Collaborize tool which embeds (or can be used as a widget) on your blog to enhance discussion. 

Thanks to Ronnie Burt from Edubloggers for a great post on this easy use of the tool. I think it is better than the comments button at the bottom of a post because it is right there, and my students don't like to find what is hidden. It makes teaching a whole lot easier.

'Like blogging, CollaborizeClassroom makes it easy to have discussions online.' Edublogs has a list in their Collaborize Community page. (and you'll find my 'famous sports stars' quiz there).

So I can't wait til Tuesday when I can try it out in class. 

Thinking about all the online tools I have played with recently brings me back to thinking that one blog is the way to go, especially with low educated, second language learners. I tried Edmodo, I tried Fakebook as a tool, but found that it was too much swapping around, writing in codes, remembering passwords (and students easily forget to bring or lose their books). If they remember their email password, then they can just click on a the link to the blog. And it all happens there.

Don't get too side tracked. Go with the flow!

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